In order to make sure the wiki remains organized, certain naming conventions must be followed.

Correct Namespace Edit

Please make sure your article starts with the correct tag in it's name.

  • Build:
    • For individual character builds
  • Guide:
    • For general, miscellaneous, or other non-class guides
  • Cleric: -> Wizard:
    • For class specific guide sections, using the class' name as the namespace tag
  • Wiki:
    • For official wiki policies and other general wiki activities
  • Portal:
    • For portals that link to parts of guides and outstanding builds

An example: "Build:The Black Hole Rogue" is acceptable, but "The Black Hole Rogue" is not.

Use Common Sense Edit

Please, refrain from vulgarity, profanity, or other offensive content in your build name. If you wouldn't say it to your parents or children, don't put it in your build name.