The To-Do List! Edit

This is a list of things that need to be done for the wiki, and it's divided into two categories. Feel free to remove an item when it's completed.

Basic Wikicode Knowledge Edit

  • Arrange and set up an attractive colour-scheme for our wiki, preferably one which matches our logo. (We can change the logo if necessary, but it's good for now). The "arranging" part will probably require plenty less wikicode knowledge than the "setting up" part.
  • Start importing the guides we have permission to use: Lord Ventor's Swords and Sworcery and all of lordduskblade's guides.

Advanced Wikicode Knowledge Edit

  • We need a couple of templates put on the wiki. Feel free to use the templates (and attached images) from wikipedia. We need the following templates: TOCright, stub, and cleanup.
  • Setting up tables. For new table dish, I need wikipedia-like table styles. More exactly, wikipedia has four standart table styles: "standart", "wide", "collapsible" and "sortable". I need first two at least. I don't know where to edit this things so I set my tables to style "wide" and leave the question to you, sysops. — Pigmeich(talkвклад) 11:16, 26 January 2009 (UTC)