Players Handbook I Edit

Race Rating Description Prefered builds
Dragonborn 3Star They have bonuses to both of the rogue's secondary stats, making them a decent pick for either type. While the breath weapon is good for clearing minions, it doesn't help the rogue's goal of dealing large damage.
Dwarf 1Star Low mobility and unhelpful stat bonuses make this a bad choice. The only redeeming factors are a bonus to poison saves (which a rogue may encounter often) and second wind as a minor action, which melee rogues will appreciate.
Eladrin 4Star Dexterity bonus and a racial power that lets you teleport into a flanking position make this a solid choice. It's unfortunate that rogues can't take advantage of the eladrin racial weapons. Snagging an extra skill is nice, though.
Elf 4Star Dexterity bonus, high mobility, and the ability to make sure those important daily and encounter powers don't go to waste. Halflings are the only better PHB choice.
Half-elf 3Star The charisma bonus helps for an artful dodger. Dilettante can net you twin strike as an encounter power to use with ranged attacks; unfortunately most charisma based at-wills won't help you out unless you also multiclass so you can boost it with an implement.
Halfling 5Star This is the ultimate artful dodger, with bonuses to dexterity and charisma, a racial boost to AC vs opportunity attacks, and a racial ability to make an enemy reroll a hit. They actually make good brutal scoundrels as well, even if the charisma bonus isn't helpful; their racial powers give them some of the benefits of artful dodger without actually needing to be an artful dodger. Their small size isn't an issue with the rogue's weapon limitations.
Human 4Star With their stat bonus going into dexterity, humans make solid rogues (as they do nearly every class). With martial power out an extra at will can be handy, and rogue skills are good enough that an extra is always welcome.
Tiefling 3Star Their charisma bonus makes them decent artful dodgers, and hellfire blood with a flaming dagger can make up for the lack of a dexterity bonus.

Monster Manual Edit

Race Rating Description Prefered builds
Bugbear 5Star With a bonus to strength and dexterity, plus having oversized weapons, these are the ultimate brutal scoundrels. Predetory eye makes sneak attacks hurt even more.
Doppleganger 3Star Like tieflings, these make decent artful dodgers. They won't be as strong in combat, but their out of combat abilities are certainly something to consider. 3/5, 4/5 if your campaign is roleplay heavy so you can take advantage of shapeshifting often.
Githyanki 2Star Ability score bonuses are not helpful at all, but the initiative bonus and positioning power could be helpful.
Githzerai 5Star A dexterity bonus and a racial initiative bonus means this is the go-to race for going first. Add a racial power that can turn a hit into a miss if it's by a small enough margin and useful skill bonuses and this becomes a solid choice.
Gnome 4Star The charisma bonus is good for artful dodgers, but the real benefit of this race is reactive stealth and fade away. The racial stealth bonus is nice, too.
Goblin 5Star Stat bonuses perfect for an artful dodger, bonuses to stealth and thievery, a bonus to your already high reflex defense, and an at-will power that lets you adjust your position once per round when you get missed? These things give halflings a run for their money; the only thing they're missing is racial feats.
Hobgoblin 2Star A bonus to charisma and initiative check is alright for an artful dodger. Nothing special.
Kobold 5Star A dexterity bonus, excellent skill bonus, and shift as an at-will to either get flanking or get out of reach before running away. These are great.
Orc 3Star Strength is nice for brutal scoundrels and the racial power is a good way to get healing.
Shadar-kai 4Star Similar to the eladrin, a solid choice.
Longtooth Shifter 3Star A strength bonus, plus a racial ability to get extra damage and regeneration when you're bloodied, make these decent brutal scoundrels.
Razorclaw Shifter 4Star Dexterity bonus and good skills, plus you gain mobility and higher defenses once you've been bloodied. A good choice.

Manual of the Planes Edit

Race Rating Description Prefered builds
Bladeling 4Star +2 dexterity, and their racial is easier to boost than the dragonborn's (plus, its damage is based on dexterity). Pretty good.

Forgoten Realms Players Guide Edit

Race Rating Description Prefered builds
Drow 5Star Ability bonus make this an excellent artful dodger and either racial ability can be used for free combat advantage. Cloud of darkess can also be used to get out of a sticky situation by blinding surrounding enemies. Add the racial feats that make crossbows excellent weapons, and you have something to surpass the halfling.
Genasi 3Star The strength bonus can help brutal scoundrels, but the real benefit is in the encounter powers; water and wind genasi have good positioning powers, and an earthsoul can knock adjacent enemies prone as a minor action.

Dragon Magazine (Issue #) Edit

Race Rating Description Prefered builds
Minotaur (369) 2Star Strength is good for a brutal scoundrel, but even if you're using the original oversized weapon version a bugbear is better in every way.
Gnoll 5Star Dexterity bonus, good mobility, and bonuses to damage if you're bloodied and/or ganging up on a target with two others. Definitely a solid choice.
Warforged (364) 3Star Strength is nice for brutal scoundrels, but the real benefit comes from warforged resolved (especially if combined with a reparation apparatus) and the ability to mount a crossbow on your shoulder.